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Human Normal Immunoglobulin Injection

₹ 7,800 /Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
ManufacturerZorg Lifesciences
Product TypeFinished Product
CompositionHuman Normal Immunoglobulin
Prescription/Non prescriptionNon prescription
Packing Size5 gm

Minimum order quantity: 100 Piece

Human Normal Immunoglobulin is used for the treatment of certain diseases that are caused due to lack of antibodies in your blood. It may be injected under the skin or given into a muscle. Your doctor will monitor you for some time after administration of Human Normal Immunoglobulin to check for any side effects.

Immuno Rel Immunoglobulin

₹ 18,960 /Piece Get Latest Price

Prescription/Non prescriptionNon prescription
Packaging TypeBox
CompositionHuman Normal Immunoglobulin For Intravenous Administration 5% Solution
Destination LocationWorldwide
Product TypeFinished Product

Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece

IMMUNOREL 10% contains Human normal immunoglobin which belongs to the group of medicines called Immunoglobins. It supplements our body with sufficient antibodies (agents which are responsible for providing immunity) that are required to fight against various infections.

Human Normal Immunoglobulin contains antibodies (IgG) derived from the blood of healthy donors. Following administration, it supports our immune system by supplementing our body with sufficient antibodies that are required to fight against various infections. It can also modulate the functions of immune system in case of autoimmune disorders.

Globucel Human Normal Immunoglobin Injection

₹ 6,600 /Piece Get Latest Price

Packaging SizeBox packing
CompositionHuman Normal Immunoglobulin (1000mg)
Product TypeFinished Product
UsesImmunoglobulins deficiency

Minimum order quantity: 5 Piece

Globucel Solution for Infusion is used to strengthen the body's natural immune system to lower the risk of infection in persons with weakened immune system. It is made from healthy human blood that has a high level of certain defensive substances (antibodies), which help fight infections.

AntiD 300 Injection

₹ 3,039 /Vial Get Latest Price

Prescription/Non prescriptionNon prescription
CompositionAnti Rh D Immunoglobulin (300mcg/ml)
Packaging TypeBox packing
Grade StandardMedicine Grade
Manufactured ByBharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd

Minimum order quantity: 5 Vial

AntiD 300mcg/ml Injection is indicated to prevent infections. It prevents antibodies from forming after a person with Rh-negative blood receives a transfusion with Rh-positive blood, or during pregnancy when a mother has Rh-negative blood and the baby is Rh-positive.

AntiD 300mcg/ml Injection is given for Rh prophylaxis in pregnancy-related complications. It is also approved for Incompatible transfusions in Rh-negative individuals transfused with blood components containing Rh-positive red blood cells (RBCs). It may also be used for immune thrombocytopenic purpura, a condition wherein the number of circulating platelets decrease leading to easy bruising.


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